Why are you calling the Bible God’s Story?

We believe the Bible isn’t just a series of short stories all lumped together; it’s one giant story about how deeply God loves each of us. It starts when time first began and ends with a vision of God’s future plan. All this—everything that has happened and will happen—is part of God’s design. It’s all his story.

What do you mean by 365?

That’s how many days are in a year, and how many days per year we should talk to God and learn more about him. The goal of this calendar is to make that easy without setting a strict schedule.

Do I need to start this during a particular month?

Nope! While we created pages for every day, we didn’t label anything with specific dates. They’re numbered (1-365) to keep them in order, but you can start any old time!

Should I read one per day?

While it’s designed to make it easy to read one per day, we know that days can get really busy. You probably won’t have time for one every day. So when you do have time, tear off a whole handful, if you want.

For what ages is this designed?

The Bible is for all ages, and God’s Story 365 story summaries are written in language that kids can understand. We think ages 5-11 will particularly enjoy this, but the truth is, you could include younger or older kids, especially if you’re in a group with mixed ages. Whoever enjoys this should explore it!