When Dave’s oldest daughter started school, he formed a habit of drawing a quick picture every day and putting it in her lunchbox. Over time, she came to expect (not to mention adore!) this loving gesture from her dad. And by the time the second—and then third—kid started school, Dave was a prolific artist.

To keep things fresh, Dave began to consider new ways he could use his art to show his kids how much he loved them. Already, he had a platform to connect with them every single day.

Suddenly, it hit him: the thing he really wanted his kids to understand was how much God loved them. What if he created an experience that walked his kids through the whole Bible? What if he used this daily connection to grow their faith?

Out of that idea, God’s Story 365 was born. It’s no longer just for lunchboxes or Dave’s family. Now, it presents every parent or adult with a fun and easy way to share God’s love with the kid(s) in their life, no matter their schedule or ages. Because exploring God’s story should be fun for every family!