Easter All Year Long

Easter All Year Long

Easter has passed, but the excitement of it is never really over. After all, Jesus rescued us. He died just because he wanted to be with us. Because of him, we get to spend forever with God.

If you didn’t really celebrate Easter this weekend, didn’t talk about the story of Jesus’ rescue or you DID and loved it so much you want to read it again, stop here and read Luke 23-24. together. Then take a few minutes today to think about it …and think about how to keep thinking about it .

Here are five questions to get your family talking about Easter:

  1. What was your favorite part about Easter? Why?
  2. Did you learn anything new about Jesus? What was it?
  3. What else can you remember about the story of Jesus’ rescue?
  4. What does it mean to be rescued by Jesus?
  5. Why should we remember Easter/think about Jesus’ rescue all the time?

If you aren’t sure whether remembering Easter matters, consider what Jesus says in Luke 22:7-30 when he teaches his followers to take communion (NewSpring Church has a great explanation of what that is). Jesus definitely wants us to remember what he did. But remembering to finish homework or return a library book can be hard though. Let alone remembering something that nobody else is reminding you about.

Here are five fun ways to remember Easter as a family:

Come Up with A Secret Code
It’s easier to remember something if it’s tied to something a little silly or fun. As a family, come up with a word, phrase, hand gesture or object in your home to use as a reminder. Better yet, turn it into a game. Maybe you have a favorite chair. Anytime somebody sits in that chair, they have to say, “Remember Jesus’ rescue!” If they don’t, whoever calls them on it gets the chair.  

Make a Memorial
A memorial is used to mark something important. In Joshua 4, a pile of rocks was a memorial to God’s faithfulness in helping his family cross the Jordan. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Lincoln Memorial, which is a statue to remember and honor President Lincoln. Make something in your house to remember Jesus’ rescue. Maybe it’s a cool mosaic design  or a design on your family’s bathroom mirror using dry erase markers. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it reminds you.

Create A Rhythm
If you’re a family that thrives on routine, make remembering Jesus’ rescue a part of that. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Say you pray every night before bed. Start thanking Jesus for what he did for you. Or, if rhythms aren’t your thing, find something that is. Every day, we do little things like brush our teeth, eat lunch, maybe watch TV. See if you can add a quick thank you to Jesus during that thing you do.

Share It with Friends
The best way to tell if somebody really knows something is if they can teach it. Try sharing the story of Jesus’ rescue with a friend. See if you can remember your favorite parts. You can even draw it or act it out for them. And if you’re not sure how to start, just invite a friend to go to church with you or come over for a dinner that starts with a family prayer.

Plan More Celebrations
If you have the best Easter celebrations, why not keep the fun going? Sit down with your calendar and plan a celebration per quarter—or even per month. Hide Easter eggs or play another family game, have a delicious meal as a family or eat your weight in chocolate. Do whatever your family loves to do best. Just stop in the middle to thank Jesus for what he did for you!

Remembering important things can be hard, but it can also be fun. Why not make remembering the most important thing of all your family’s goal this year?

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